How do i choose the right type of turf?

“Can I see your turf colour chart please?”

You could be forgiven for thinking that choosing turf comes down to colour– after all, turf specifications always include detailed description of the colour. And sure, there is some colour variation between the different lawn grass species.

But grass is green. It may come in subtly-different shades, but it’s still green. And while we all want the same thing – a healthy, lush sward of thick green grass –achieving this has very little to do with the colour.

It’s all about your own garden environment and how you intend to use your lawn; match your turf to these criteria and you will have a lovely green lawn.

I have seen hundreds, no thousands of different lawns in my time as a lawn advisor, but I can assure you that most lawns fall into one of just three categories. And fortunately Turf Online has invested time and expertise in creating the right turf for each of these:

1- Luxury lawns: these are the exquisitely-manicured lawns that you can find in formal gardens, bowling greens – and in many a proudly-kept front garden. For this type of lawn you need Jubilee Turf – it’s quite simply the best turf you can buy anywhere beautiful turf. It needs a little more care and attention, (if you want to create that perfect lawn finish )than standard turf but the results are fantastic. (but this would be only relevant to their lawn program too)

2- Lawns that are both beautiful and practical: for most gardens the best type of turf without question is Turf Online’s Garden Turf – you still get some of the best cultivars for a wonderful lush green carpet, but you also have the resilience you need so that when the sun comes out (or the children have too much energy) the lawn can actually be used and enjoyed. Beautiful and hard-wearing – the sensible choice.

3- Lawns for shady areas: it may only be a small section of your lawn that hides in the shade of a building or large tree, but with the wrong turf it soon becomes a sad, patchy eyesore. Shadesman is the solution – a carefully selected mix of grasses that love the shade and will thrive in those awkward areas. It will blend in with the surrounding grass to give you your uninterrupted carpet of green.

So, here’s a really useful tip. When you’re next choosing some new turf and you ask the supplier about the colour, if they don’t reply by asking you what you want from your lawn and questions about its location, move on! All turf is green – but the right turf is the turf that matches both your garden and your lifestyle.

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