Spring is here!

Ah yes we can almost taste it in the air! Spring is just around the corner and March is when we start to think more about our gardens. The trouble is that spring can be unpredictable, if the weather starts to improve, soil temperatures start to rise and the grass soon grows. However if it is a poor spring, hardly anything seems to happen at all, so be prepared to implement your lawn care plans, but adapt when necessary! MOWING: Don't forget to mow and get into a routine, but make sure to mow at a sensible height, lowering gradually as you mow more frequently. And remember to maintain that sharp blade.

AERATION: If the weather is suitable, hollow-tine aerate your lawn when conditions allow and before the onset of dry weather. If you have great soil, slit and solid tine as well.

SCARIFICATION: As the ground temperature begins to rise, this is a great time to prune your grasses and remove thatch and moss.

FEEDING: If scarifying, apply a good balanced feed afterwards, this will allow new grasses to flourish once all the moss and debris has gone.

MOSS: If you are doing renovation or maintenance scarification, apply moss treatment and remember to do this after scarification not before, as you will achieve better success.

DISEASE: Continue to be vigilant, changing weather means changing disease patterns. Thankfully, as weather improves, grasses get stronger, so there should be less chance of disease occurring.

DEBRIS: Keep material, twigs, leaves, furniture, off your lawn as much as possible.

REPAIRS: Start or continue minor repairs to lawn edges, bare areas etc

SEEDING: If the temperature is rising, begin to sow seed, to take advantage of early spring sunshine! If it's in the ground it will have a chance….if it's in the box……!.

TOP DRESSING: Should you wish to apply any dressing material, do so now.

WEEDS: Weeds will start to germinate as it gets warmer and you can apply selective herbicides now if you want to use them. Stick to improving your grass health and you may not need to. This simply step by step monthly planning will ensure that you have a healthy and happy garden for the whole year!

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