August Newsletter 2017

Well, welcome is the best opening statement for the Lawn Club. Welcome to something new and fresh in the world of lawn care!

Education within our industry is interesting to say the least. Should I do an RHS course, that feeds out old information or go to the perfect lawn ideology and get qualified as a groundsmen or greenkeeper?

And that, of course, where much has gone wrong. Why should we have to settle for either? If you want lawn care, you should be able to get real lawn care.

And that’s where the Lawn Club comes in. Rome wasn’t built in a day and lawn care for modern day won’t be either, but the purpose in the Lawn Club is to be able to gain relevant information, get some questions answered and be able to learn as much as you want too?

You see, not everyone wants to have all this information thrust down them to create the well marketed ‘perfect lawn’ as everyone has their own ‘perfect lawn’, something which suits their garden.

Lawn care is a well debated subject. A bit like football and golf. Somewhere, someone done something on their lawn and it was really great, just like we’ve all hit one great golf shot or have an idea what would make our football team sooooo much better.

The biggest issue has been deciding what’s right and what’s wrong.

Well fear no more. If you want an expert answer from a real expert, look no further. I have an encyclopaedia of knowledge based on looking after grass. From actual near perfect golf greens and private croquet lawns, to simple lawns. And one things guaranteed! They all have problems. Similar ones, but definitely NEVER the same.

So, remember, whether you run lawn care within your business or simply have a lawn within your own garden, choose your questions wisely and get those unanswered problems solved. And fear not, if you use up your allotted amount, you can always purchase some more.

Features include attaching pictures and documents to show me what your unique problem may be.

I am currently doing a four week lawn transformation in preparation for a video shoot i'm doing in September. Keep your eyes peeled!

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