When is the best time to lay turf?

I always find it strange when asked about this. And then I remember that there are all kinds of myths circulating - some say only lay new turf in autumn and some say only in summer! And I think to myself, where do all these myths come from? It’s just like another one, my favourite – the one about using a garden fork for aerating the lawn. I mean, who on earth first thought of that one? Did they really think that’s what the garden fork was invented for?

Anyway, I digress…

So, when do and should you lay new turf?

Well, quite simply, you can lay turf at any time of the year. You see, unlike many other plants that go into a hibernatory state during winter, grass just keeps on giving. And whilst lawns are growing, that essentially means we can lay turf too!

OK – so there are a few exceptions – when its frosty or the ground is covered with snow (and yes, I can hear some turf layers saying “and not in heavy rain too”). But I’m sorry, apart from those you can’t use the time of year as your excuse not to lay your turf! You see, that why the grass plant is so successful, not only in the UK but on planet earth. It simply loves growing....all year long!

However, you can select the optimum conditions…

And provided you have prepared the ground properly, this refers to good old H2O.

You see, the main need for new turf is to be able to establish itself and root correctly; and this requires a good root-zone and moisture to ensure root development. So, let’s just whizz through the seasons with this in mind.

Spring is a great time of year to lay turf, and with some years we even get enough rainfall to save us from watering … occasionally!

In Summer we know we may have to do some watering (although these days even that isn’t a given) but that’s all we will need to be worried about. Give it water and your new turf will be fine.

In Autumn we also now have to expect both the best and worse of weathers; so again, be prepared to water the new turf if necessary.

And in Winter, with cooling temperatures and more rain, it’s got all it needs – unless there’s a drought, in which case .. yes, you’ve got it!

And that’s why turf and lawns are always a winner - a natural plant growing in a natural environment.

So, there you have it. Simply put, you can lay new turf 365 days of the year, weather permitting; just keep an eye on the moisture. And if you can’t get it down for some reason....then sod it! (excuse the pun).

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