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David offers consultancy on large houses and private estates. He will look at the overall condition of the lawn, give any advice and look over your machinery. At the end you will recieve a full report of the time David spends with you.

Professional gardeners, groundspeople and domestic gardeners have all benefited from David's consultations.

Price available upon request.



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David offers training days to the staff at private properties, estates and businesses so they are able to fully understand what is required to keep the lawn in top condition.


He will go over machinery, products, chemical rates while also informing staff members of the importance of the lawns condition to the overall look of the garden.

Prices available on request.



David is available to come and do a field study and spend some time with you to discuss his findings.

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David started his lawn care company in 2003. Lawn Solutions specialises in creating lawn care programs for your unique lawn that will turn the most problematic and neglected lawn into a stunning outdoor feature.

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