Backpack Sprayer

Backpack Sprayer

SKU: 520140

Wonder what the experts use? Think the pump action of an old diaphragm pump is as accurate as a battery? Think your arm can do an equally accurate job?


This 18 litre knapsack is what everyone needs. It comes with a pre-calibrated nozzle, which can be used for herbicide and moss control products. Alternatively, you can have the nozzle of your choice.


Take the ‘hard work’ away from those many hours of spraying, with just the simple pull of a trigger. It can feel like cheating as your arm wont ache at the end of the day. However, youll be gurantedd of much more accurate spraying.


All for the cheaper cost than that of a regular diaphragm knapsack.


Heres to better spraying days ahead!





tank volume

20 litres





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