The Complete Guide to a Happy and Healthy Lawn

In recent decades we've seen an explosion of interest in gardening, driven especially by horticultural media personalities, experts in everything from roses to recycling. But the poor lawn wasn't invited to the party. It's no surprise, therefore that in absence of expert help, many gardeners were won over by alternative design ideas such as decking, hard landscaping and even fake grass!

This book, written by the most forward-thinking lawn expert, will put the lawn back where it belongs- at the centre of our gardening activities.

David Hedges-Gower is a man who loves lawns - not just 'perfect' specimens but any lawn that is designed and maintained to do the job it needs to do, from play areas to croquet lawns, immaculate front lawns to golf greens. And with his experience he knows that with the right information and support, a lawn needn't be a bother; it needn't be yet another patch of land dug up to be replaced by easy-maintenance paving or as as excuse for a swimming pool! Your lawn can be something you truly love and enjoy nurturing through the year. And it can be even more than that.


Did you know, for example, that the humble garden lawn:

  • Filters and absorbs rainfall

  • Captures far more CO2 than your powered mower produces

  • Traps much of the dust and debris that falls on our gardens

  • Gives us a relaxing environment which reduces stress

  • Acts as a sound bugger in noisy locations

  • Helps to keep the garden much cooler in summer

  • Enhances the look and value of our properties?

Chapters include:

Your lawn in 3-D -

Grass, Thatch, Soil

Main Techniques -

Aeration, Mowing, Nutrition, Scarification

Additional Techniques-

Turf and returfing, Top Dressing, Overseeding

Common Problems-

Weed Control, Moss, Common Diseases

Additional problems-

Levelling, Fairy Rings, Extreme weather

12 month programme- 

Month-by-month planning, Two easy-starter prgrammes


So, do you now feel motivated to read on and discover the rewards of lawn maintenance?


When you experience this book's wisdom and easy-to-use advice, then you will rejoice that at last the UK's Lawn Expert has been invited to the party.


Happy gardening!

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"I was delighted to be one of the first purchasers of Modern Lawn Care.


It was exactly the type of book I was looking for. It is a practical hands on guide written by an expert in lawn care with many years of experience.


Furthermore, it is clearly evident that David’s passion for lawn care fills the pages of this book. This isn't purely an abstract text; this is a real lawn care expert imparting their passion, knowledge and experience with the reader."

October 2014

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