‘Lawn Club’ Membership Information

David Hedges Gower is the most respected lawn expert of our generation today.  He knows that grass isn’t just the most resilient and adaptable plant on the planet, it’s what brings serenity and the perfect backdrop to our gardens and open spaces. It cools us in the summer, it softens the colourful fireworks of our borders and flowerbeds, it’s the canvas onto which gardeners paint the rest of their garden…..and it’s been doing this for a very, very long time.


Fads have come and gone but in the post-decking age the lawn continues to thrive. And for good reason – it is the part of the garden that best supports essential biodiversity and, cared for properly, is one of the most environmentally-responsible parts too. 

Now is your chance to have exclusive information all about lawn care at your fingertips by joining David’s brand new ‘Lawn Club’. 

Memberships cost £29.99 for 12 months.   You may join and/or renew your membership online by contacting us via the form on this page. This membership also makes the perfect gift for all lawn lovers out there!

Members will receive a whole host of exclusive 'Lawn Club' benefits, with an online members log in with access to pages and information not available to non-members, including all of these below.

  • Questions answered by David Hedges-Gower for your own personal lawn queries *

  • 15% Discount on Modern Lawn Care- the book, a finalist at the Garden Media Awards

  • Monthly 'Lawn Club' newsletter exclusive to club members

  • Exclusive blogs written on topics by David

  • Updates and pre-tickets sales for any 'Lawn Club' events

  • Competitions- win great prizes from a host of suppliers

  • 'Lawn Club' Members discounts on lawn care products from a fine selection of high profile companies

  • 'Lawn Club Podcast' - hear David talking about Lawn issues and talking Lawns

*Subject to a quota of 5 per year, but others available at a discounted cost


Step 1 - Purchase your membership in the box below.

Step 2 - Use the 'Log in/Sign up' button above and enter your email and choose your password.

Step 3 - The Lawn Club team will confirm your payment against your sign up and authorise access to members only pages.


Interested in gifting someone a 'Lawn Club' online membership?

We can help! Send us an email with the details of the person you would like to gift (Name and email), we can request a payment from you, when payment is received we can send them a Happy Birthday email with any specific text on from you, on a designated date of your choice.

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