Modern Lawn Care: The Book

“… comprehensive, enjoyable, practical … packed with thoughtful insight, tips and wisdom … the only lawn book you will ever need!”

The British Lawn – it’s a National Institution!

Nowhere else in the world does such a simple part of the garden give so much pleasure.

If you’re struggling to maintain your garden lawn, help is at hand!

With Modern Lawn Care, the complete guide to a happy and healthy lawn, you can become your own expert and make choices based on the very best advice developed specifically for the garden lawn.

Use Modern Lawn Care to devise your own year-round care programme to keep your lawn happy and healthy – the way you want it.

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Garden Media Guild - Practical Book of the Year Finalist 2014

In the past gardeners that needed help with their lawns had only ‘general’ horticultural experts or sports and turf professionals to take advice from.  Often these professionals do not address the particular conditions we find in our domestic gardens.

Modern Lawn Care changes all that.  With practical information and thoughtful discussion from the UK’s leading expert on domestic lawns, David Hedges-Gower.

What’s Inside “Modern Lawn Care”?

The topics that the book covers are:

    • The lawn in 3D – grass, thatch and soil
    • Principle techniques
    • Common problems
    • How to create a 12-month lawn care programme
    • Coping with extreme weather

Modern Lawn Care makes it easy to create and maintain your own ideal lawn by helping you to:

    • Understand the complete lawn environment
    • Master the essential lawn care techniques
    • Avoid costly mistakes and unnecessary chemical use
    • Learn how to cope with extreme weather


About David Hedges-Gower Lawn Care Expert

David Hedges-Gower Lawn ExpertDavid Hedges-Gower, author of Modern Lawn Care, loves lawns!

As a leading lawn specialist he is a regular speaker and presenter, and consults for bodies such as the National Trust.

His book replaces decades of confusing and misleading advice from the sports and turf sectors with expertise developed specifically for the domestic lawn.

With David’s book, gardeners of all types can at last get the help and support they deserve.

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