Lawn Care Tips for Dummies! You wouldn’t believe it….

Listen to this:

Yes, well I’m just the same – I often neglect my lawn too…

This was the opening gambit from a so-called expert giving lawn care tips in online training seminar! Expert? In my experience, expertise goes hand in hand with at least a degree of obsessive enthusiasm.

Even the well-known Dummies Guides motivate and educate. And if I was investing even just my time, let alone my own money (this entrepreneur charges a bold £120 for a 4-week course of this drivel), in a so-called expert lawn care tips tutorial, I’d expect something with more fizz, punch and authority.

Wouldn’t you?

Look – this is as bad as if I went online to give ‘expert advice’ on rose pruning, and began by saying “Yes, I try to avoid pruning as I don’t like getting pricked”.

But that wouldn’t happen. I’m not a rose expert. And that online lawn person certainly isn’t a lawn expert and should not be giving professional lawn care tips.

So, for heaven’s sake, if you’re going to seek expert advice, make sure it’s an expert who’s giving it! And be a harsh, tough customer – challenge the ‘expert’ and do NOT tolerate such rubbish!

Come on World of Professional Gardening… time to up your game I think!